Breed: German Riding Pony
Gender: Stallion
Colour: bay
Birthyear: 2011
Height at withers: -

Halifax (LP, E) x St.Pr.St. Polly (LP, E) of Kaiserjaeger xx

Short description:
Strong-motion premium and champion youngster with exclusive bloodline...

Halifax (LP, E)
Steehorst Love Bird
Bronllwyn Cha-Cha
Roman Copelia
St.Pr.St. Polly (LP, E)
Kaiserjaeger xx
Windwurf xx
Katja xx


Strong-motion premium and champion stallion with exclusive bloodline! Halifax is one of the most popular Welsh B stallions in the modern German riding pony breeding and enjoys the call of a magnificent Kinderponyvererbers. With his HLP 1999 in Neustadt / D. if he received in each case "very a good (9.0" for his amiability, efficiency and his Springvermögen. His Rittigkeit, the trot and the gallop were valued with „ a good (8.0). Used in the tournament sport as a master for young riders, he registered standard success to l trainings.

In 2003 Halifax on account of his overriding descendants Welsh became a B-winner's stallion of the Weser Ems-stallion's show in Vechta. Since 2004 it is led as an élite stallion and is classified naturally in the premium class I. Among his 22 gekörten sons there are the winner's stallions Hakuna Matata (a.d. Ratja v. Excellently), Harry Potter and highlight as well as the reserve winners Haddaway, Getting Holiday, Hip Hop and Hot Cream WE. Sixteen daughters received the state premium.
Saint Pr. E.St. Polly, full sister to gek. To stallions emperor's pride and emperor ace, likewise successful stallion's mother, your SLP graduated in village Prussen with the whole mark 8.74 and was to 2. participants from 6-th with perfect marks:
- interior 10
- free jumping 10
- Springmanier 9
- Springvermögen 9
- Rittigkeit 9

Grandmother Prinzess WB, mother of 4 gekörten stallions and several St.Pr.Mares
- emperor's pride Körsieger in 1999
- emperor ace reserve winner in 2000
- Churchill number two federal champion driving ponies
- Quaterbacks Junior

A pony that is very interesting for breeders and sportsmen from the assets and the pedigree ago.

Price: negotiable matter