Mr. Moonlight

Breed: German Riding Pony
Gender: Stallion
Colour: chestnut
Birthyear: 2013
Height at withers: -

The Braes My Mobility x St.Pr.St. Kleopatra (LP) of Brillant (LP)

Short description:
Grown large colt is premium foal.

The Braes My Mobility
Steenhorst Maestro
Eyarth Harlequin
Roman Columbine
Eastfields Emperor
St.Pr.St. Kleopatra (LP)
Brillant (LP)
Piran John Halifax
St.Lawrence Lilactime
Vb.Pr.St. Kelly (LP)
Kaiserjaeger xx


Grown large colt ("Mr. Moonlight") out of Kleopatra of The Braes My Mobility is of premium foal at the foal show in Stangerode.

Price: negotiable matter