About our dogs

Our dogs live in our family and join us every day, they are a necessity and have learned to adapt to different situations. There were originally shepherds and a Bernese mountain dog, today`s enthusiasm applies without reservation to the Rodesian Ridgeback. Who had this unique opportunity to get to know the race closer, can understand this fascination that we have now for over 10 years.

At the moment, we live with three dogs. In addition to our two Ridgeback dogs, there is the courtchief Ronja - a Jack Russell Terrier.

Unsere Hunde

Our dogs live in the family alliance and enjoy the exciting life on the farm with the children, the horses and cats. In addition, the Ridgebacks have a contract of employment - they support me every day at work. During a guided hike or during a stay at the trade fair - they attract the attention of the guests again and again. In our opinion it is the nature of the matter, that healthy dogs have consciously controlled offspring. This assumes,of course,the health and a traceable pedigree of both parents in order to avoid later complications. So if you are looking for a family member of a small loving hobby breed, you can contact us and inform and convince yourselves about the proper and diligent rearing of our puppies locally.


*Ashura* "vom Götschetal"
Father: *Akor* "Simbayo`S"
Mother: *Kifaru`s* "waana Luna"
Birthday: 01.04.2008
Colour: red-wheaten
Breeding book number: DRV-812610



*Cimba-Cumbaya* "vom Damara Land"
Father: *Kiangas* "Red Bushani"
Mother: *Bucavu* Cimbala
Birthday: 30.01.2003
Colour: red-wheaten
Breeding book number: 292132



Our puppies are born in the house and grow in the family, in a pack with the other dogs and all pets. From the 4th weeks they have 2500 sqm at their disposal to conquer the world. Here they are learning more every day and experience many environmental stimuli. Through active social contact between children and our friends the purposes the puppies are well marked and develop into a good character and well-balanced dogs. Alternately we take the whelps for a ride in the car, so they get used to it. Acually, we try to confront them with many influences in order to prepare them best for their later life.

In the handover the puppies are 8 weeks old, several times dewormed, vaccinated and microchipped. You will receive an Euopean vaccination certificate and your whelp was examined by the vet twice.

Those looking for a perfectly socialized family member of a small, loving hobby breeding, contact us and inform about the proper and diligent rearing of our puppies locally. We would like to meet the future owners of our puppies personally.
Of course we are happy to advise you in the rearing of your new family member.