Our Success-Stallions

F: Kaiserjeager xx, M: Prinzess (Constantin)
born 1997, Height at withers: 148 cm, chestnut

Kaiserstolz has two licensed brothers: As Emperor (xx by mountain troops, reserve champion of his licensing) and Churchill (v. Columbo), which was 2004 Vice Federal Champion (F.). His sister St.Pr.St. Polly (v. Kaiserjäger xx), with a grade of 8.74 Reserve Champion of her SLP, is the mother of the Reserve Champion of the Stallion Licensing in 2005 Prussendorf, Chamberlain (v. Columbo), and the champion mare of the State Premium Show 2005, Penny Lane (v. Columbo).
Due to its great success breeding Emperor was proud of Hanoverian Association nominated for elite stallion.

Sportive Successes:
In 2001, he put his stallion performance test in Neustadt / D. as Reserve Champion (2nd from 33 participants) with the total score from 8.36.
Kaiserstolz can boast wins and placings in show jumping, dressage and eventing competitions class A. His athletic career was prepared by a beam fracture jehes one end.

Breeding Successes:
1999 - winner of the licensing of organizations Berlin-Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt
2001, 2003 and 2005 - he imputed the Reserve Champion of the colt foal championships on the Berlin-Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt
2004 - Siegerstutfohlen on the foal championships in Berlin-Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt
2007 - His son, licensed Elin's Kampari took 3rd place at the State Championships in Hanover
2010 - Kaiserstolz's daughter Sissi won the four year old riding ponies the free jumping competition of the breed club Osthavelland / Brandenburg-Anhalt
He is also the father of two stallions and Crown Prince Franz


F: Brillant , M: Kelly (Kaiserjaeger xx )
born 1998, Height at withers: 147 cm, bay

Beaujolais is a stylish, typey stallion with an impressive affability that is unparalleled. This colt is in appearance and the interior very much influenced by his father, the legendary diamond.
Before the stallion was sold to Denmark, he was placed on the Schweizerhof ( Family Schmidt-Stahmann) in Güsten and left some sport ponies, a state premium mare and a Verbansprämienstute.

Sportive Successes:
2001 - Performance testing as 1st of 18 Participants victory with a score of 8.6
2002 - Performance testing in breeding direction riding with a score of 7.35
2002 - Zuchtsverbandscup victory in the four years of riding ponies of Saxony-Anhalt

Breeding Successes:
1998 - 3rd Place in Hengstfohle the foal championship in Zerbst
2001 - Reserve Champion Stallion in Prussendorf of Saxony-Anhalt and Berlin-Brandenburg


Kaiser As
F: Kaiserjeager xx, M: Prinzess (Constantin)
born 1999, Height at withers: 148 cm, chestnut

Chick and charm characterize this sympathetic half-blood. As Emperor takes the very first beginning, because of attitude and makes big thanks to its natural upward trend. He moves into his outstanding gaits clock safe and smooth in a beautiful self-containment and white also to prove the jump.
This stallion is available another sires from the very popular Kaiserjaeger line available.

Sportive Successes:
2002/2003 - Winner of the studbook Cup of 3 - and 4-year-old German riding ponies
2002/2003 - State Champion, 3 - and 4-year-old German riding ponies
2002 - participants at the Federal Championships (7,4) under rider Antje Deparade
2003 - participants at the Federal Championships (7,6) under rider Ute Beelitz
2003 - Participants in the Federal Stallion Show during Green Week in Berlin (7 space of 16 featured stallions)
2003 - Free Jumping Championships Saxony-Anhalt Vorfinale first Place fourth finals Course 2007 - Participants at the 2nd FN Federal Stallion Show Ponies Sport in Berlin
2004-2012 - riders successfully in dressage and show jumping class L to class A under different

Breeding Successes:
2003 - 1 Foals several winning foals on the foal shows (eg Prussendorf), including several premium and Foal Championship
2003 - Annual Report on breeding foals Rating = 1 space
2004-2006 - also several premium and Foal Championship
2007 - 1 licensed son "Kadenzzo"

Kaiser As

F: Columbo, M: Prinzess (Constantin)
born 2000, Height at withers: 142 cm, chestnut

Churchill - a riding pony stallion with an incomparable pony face and spectacular movement potential!
The youngest participant at the Qualifikationssichtung for the National Championships in Klein Marzehns completed the stallion testing with flying colors with a 7.8 and was a good second from 15 starters. His trainer Karlheinz Finkler described him as "worthy successor Columbo", which is since 2003 in Kentucky at home.
The quality was recognized by the judges in Zerbst, there won the big moving fox the aptitude test with 7.8 and in 2004 was the state champion driving horses in Saxony-Anhalt. That same year, Churchill Vice Champion in Luhmühlen with Karlheinz Finkler and was rewarded by foreign drivers for its reliability and its assets with a score of 8.3.
Churchill is owned by the Krause family at the farm stands here Erlenhof and talented young riders available.

Sportive Successes:
2004 Qualifikationssichtung for the National Championships: 2. from 15 starters (Note 7,8)
2004 state champion driving horses in Saxony-Anhalt (Note 7,8)
2004 Vice Champion in Luhmühlen

Breeding Successes:
His foals were on the judging always on the front seats and are now present in the breeding and sport.


F: Columbo, M: St.Pr.E.St. Polly
born 2002, Height at withers: 147 cm, dark chestnut

"A handsome chestnut with Silberbehang. With his big eyes, small ears and a near-perfect and typey physique he brings a lot of experienced judges and professionals will amaze you. He has no stallion manners, is super easy to handle and very focused in their daily training." maintains its current owner Tanja Parusel in Spain.
Chamberlain was in 2005 at the approval of the Breeders Association of Saxony-Anhalt reserve champion. He got high marks for its herrvorragenden gaits, his strong charisma and tremendous jumping ability.
His full sister St.Pr.E.St. Penny Lane was the winner of the 2004 state awards show in Magdeburg. Penny Lane was here for her superior step, a "10"! Mother is the successful St.Pr.E.St. Polly v. Kaiserjäeger, one of our best broodmares.

Sportive Successes:
The stallion has successfully represented at tournaments. He was jumping from the former squad rider Justine Stone introduced successfully in show jumping / jumping class A and L. In many jumping competitions he won against big horses and showed a lot of willpower and perseverance.
Also eventing Class A Chamberlain was successful and was 2010/2011 district champion. Chamberlain is currently being presented mainly in dressage and was in Spain in 2011 and 2012 victories and placings show up to class M.

Breeding Successes:
Chamberlain has eleven offspring, eight of which are successfully represented in the sport and has been licensed. Known are also four championships and three premium foals foals.
Father of Columbo, who was sold as a stallion in the U.S., many sons and daughters are also in the fringe sport successfully represented and produced further approved stallions.