Our successful mares

Prinzess WB
F: Constantin, M: Prinzessin (Benedict)
born 1991, Height at withers: 132 cm, chestnut

"A very handsome chestnut with Silberbehang. With his big eyes, small ears, and a near-perfect and full of type physique, he brings a lot of experienced judges and experts to marvel. He has no stallion manners, is super easy to handle and very focused daily training." maintains its current owner Tanja Parusel in Spain. Chamberlain was in 2005. At the grading of the Breeders Association of Saxony-Anhalt Reserve Champion He got top marks for its herrvorragenden gaits, his strong charisma and tremendous leaping ability. His full sister St.Pr.E.St. Penny Lane in 2004, winner of the State award show in Magdeburg. Penny Lane was here for her outstanding step a "10"! Mother is the successful St.Pr.E.St. Polly v. Kaiserjšeger which is one of our best broodmares.

Sportive Successes:
The stallion has successfully represented at tournaments. He was jumping out of the former squad rider Justine Stone presented successfully in show jumping / jumping class A and L. In many jumping competitions he won against big horses and showed a lot of willpower and endurance. Also eventing Class A Chamberlain was successful and 2010/2011 district champion. Chamberlain is currently presented mainly in dressage and was able to show in 2011 and 2012, Spain wins and placings up to medium.

Breeding Successes:
Chamberlain has eleven offspring, eight of which are successfully represented in the sport and have been licensed one is. Known are also four championships and three foals premium foal. Father of Columbo, who was sold as a stallion in the USA, many sons and daughters are also In the pony successfully represented and produced other licensed stallions.


Penny Lane (LP)
F: Columbo, M: St.Pr.St.E. Polly (Kaiserjaeger xx)
born 2001, Height at withers: 148 cm, chestnut

Sister of the licensed stallions Chamberlain.
"A big moving mare with a lot of frames and charisma."
Penny Lane in 2004, registered with a 8.5 in the stud book, and I graduated in the same year the mare test with a score of 7.88 and became the third of 11 participants. For State Premium and Elite Show in Magdeburg it was day winner with a "10" for its outstanding step.

Penny Lane