St.Pr.E.St. (LP) Polly

Breed: German Riding Pony
Gender: Mare
Colour: chestnut
Birthyear: 1996
Height at withers: 144

Kaiserjeager xx x Prinzess (Welsh B) of Constantin (LP, E)

Short description:
Mare with tremendous jumping- and movement-potential and an excellent conformation...

Kaiserjeager xx
Windwurf xx
Kaiseradler xx
Wiesenweihe xx
Katja xx
Cher xx
Krönungsgabe xx
Prinzess (Welsh B)
Constantin (LP, E)
Whatton Copper Beech
Meerpal Regina
Benedict Prinzess


St.Pr.E.St. Polly is a daughter of the Princess v. Constantin, one of the most successful mares of pony breeding in Saxony-Anhalt. Father Kaiserjäer xx, one of the most successful finishers of pony breeding, after all, leaving around 20 licensed sons and numerous State Premium mares. She is full sister to the stallions Kaiser Kaiser pride and As, and half-sister to the approved stallion Churchill and St.Pr.St. Pennsylvennia.

Polly was the reserve champion of their SLP with the WN 8.74 and received the state award - a mare with tremendous jumping and movement potential.

Polly is the mother of Chamberlain (v, Columbo), 2005 Reserve Champion of the Stallion Licensing in Prussendorf, and Penny Lane (v . Columbo), 2005 winner of state award show.

Offspring: Penny Lane, Hennessy